Things To Consider Before Coming Up With A Blog Name:

A blog name is a permanent action that will define your future blogging strategies, so we must consider a few aspects before brainstorming a name for the blog.

1. Check Out The Niche or Topic Your Blog is About:

This is the first step you need to consider before selecting a blog name. Find out what your blog is going to talk about. Your niche (subject around your blog articles) matters a lot if you want targeted readers.

Suppose you run a food blog, coming up with a name like is a good name to start. However, if you are thinking to get a funky name, your readers might not find your blog.

For example, one of the most popular news site “The Onion” has nothing to do with food or onions, it’s a news site. When I first came across the site, I did not click on it thinking the article is spam. So make sure to have a title that goes inline with your blog subject.

2. Brandability:

While generating blog names make sure those can be branded. If you are creating a niche site, consider choosing a domain name that is easy to remember or recall.

For example, (my WordPress niche blog). It is a brandable name. People can remember it the very first time they hear.

3. Give Your Blog Name Some Search Engine Love:

Your blog name, in a course of time, becomes your keyword that your site ranks for. Every query related to your blog name will get your blog ranked in the SERPs.

So, why not use this blog name as a keyword or a part of your primary keyword? Having a keyword gives your blog an advantage in the SERPs.

Try to optimize your blog name for search engines by either using your main keywords or combining your keyword with any adjectives. Here is a huge list of adjectives for you.

4. Select A Blog Name That Passes The Phone Test:

Don’t get carried away with fancy blog names. Make sure your blog name is easily audible and understandable.

By phone test I mean when you say your blog name to someone via phone, the other person should be able to type it and reach the correct blog easily.

This is so essential in the day to day life where you have to name your blog in conferences, meetings, and podcasts.

Even more, when your blog starts attracting word of mouth people should be able to reach the correct website they heard.

5. Choose Only The .com Version of Your Domain:

A domain name is as crucial as your business. Unless you want a short-termed and country specific blog, choose the domain name with the .com extension.

Most readers take .com version of a blog for granted. Another reason to use .com domains is search engines always prefer them.

If people type your URL with .com (while you don’t have a .com domain), then they will either be funneled by someone else’s website or land on a broken page. This will surely cost you, valuable readers.

Example, even the legendary blogger Darren Rowse decided to buy the .com version of his website for around 5000 USD (source).

He did it because many of his valuable readers were simply landing on an alien blog because it had the .com TLD.

Having a funky extension like might be confusing to readers and they might type and miss your site.

6. Lock All Related TLDs To Your Blog Name:

If you are a bit concerned about branding, copyright infringement or even losing readers, I suggest you buy and lock all the TLDs related to your blog name.

Even if you decide to blog on a .net domain, still try to buy and lock the .com, .org etc.

For example, (online Grammar checker) has locked the domain that redirects to their original homepage. Had someone else bought it, there would have been a serious loss of sales for them.


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