Precaution to take while Setting up a Blog

Setting up a blog name is a permanent process. One simple mistake and it can ruin your whole branding and audience or readership. So, it is advisable to take certain precautions while finalizing a blog name.

1. Check For Copyright Infringement:

Sometimes, a blog name might be a part of an already existing brand or product.

These mistakes happen either when you are unaware of the brand. Some do it to leverage the brand power of the preexisting service to increase the traffic (or sales).

Whatever be the reason you wouldn’t want to mess with the law and lose your site, hence make sure to search for your blog name in to stay on the safe side.

2. Recheck Your Affiliate Blog Name:

Many times we keep our affiliate or niche site’s name closely related to our main product. But, some companies don’t allow you to qualify for commissions that come from a site that has their product name in the URL.

Recently, I contacted Grammarly if I could have a blog dedicated to Grammarly users with “Grammarly” as a part of the URL, and they bluntly denied.

So make sure to check this before you lose all your sale commission just due to this one mistake.

3. Scope of Keyword:

If you are using a specific keyword for your blog, make sure your content strategy is aligned with it. Writing something that is contrary to your blog name might destroy your audience.

For example, if you have a blog named you can’t write fashion trends there. Hence, make sure your keyword and the scope it gives for your content to span.


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