How To Come Up With A Perfect Blog Name

One of the key components that makes your blog stand out is your blog name.

Your blog name has the potential to give you more traffic, better conversions, and even affiliate sales.

Hence, it is essential that we choose a blog name that pays in the long run.

In this post, I will share some of the tips on how to come up with the perfect blog name.

If you are starting a new blog or just want to rebrand your dying blog, follow the steps below.

Blog Names Can Be Classified Into Two Broad Categories, They Are:

Generic Names

These are blog names that are related to the blog topic or the niche as a whole. They are intended to be search engine optimized and may consist of your main keyword.

These type of blog names are very apt for targeted traffic as your audience knows what to expect from your blog.

For example, my blog focusing on Blogging & Web design is named and Start’s site based on Niche Blogging is named as

Branded Blog Names

These are blog names that are fancier than the generic blog names. They do not depict anything about the blog topic.

Most branded blog names come from the direct names of the corresponding authors like

But, there can be names that come out of nowhere and still ooze brand juice.

Example, a blog on content marketing and entrepreneurship.


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