Advantages of Using LSI keywords?

The first advantage of using LSI keywords is to keep the keyword density in check and at the same time optimizing your article for multiple search queries.

Whenever you are writing your article, it is advisable to keep the keyword density of your target keyword between 2-3% but if you write a long post of say around 2000 words or more than you might feel the need to add more long tail keywords to your post. I would advise you to keep your keyword density to a maximum of 3%, no matter how long your article is.

If you like to add more keywords in your post, then you can use LSI keywords. Before I tell you how to find LSI keywords, let’s take a look at the benefits of using LSI keywords in an article.

For explaining the benefits to you, I am going to search for a keyword “online guitar training.” I know that it is not a blogging related term but since it is the perfect example of how you need to use LSI keywords, I am going to use it.


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